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Software developers at KEBA have completed a technical education in the software sector and have an affinity for programming languages. You are a specialist in the development of our software products and can contribute to KEBA from the innovation development stage onwards and actively shape the product. Depending on the area, KEBA works with different high-level languages. In the case of operating systems in the industrial sector, development is primarily carried out with technologies such as C and C , but LUA or Python are also popular here

Our developers also work with C and C++ in firmware development, while Java and C# are used in front-end development

In web development, we mainly work with JavaScript and TypeScript specialists

The expertise is therefore broad and offers room for further development and reorientation, but also for specialisation in a specific area.

Because not only the software but also the hardware of our products is developed and built at KEBA, I work directly on prototypes and am in the team together with hardware developers. I develop the software for our own hardware and that makes my job particularly exciting for me.

Fabian Schöppl
Software Developer at KEBA

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All doors are open to me. At KEBA, I can develop into a generalist and work on strategies and innovations, or I can become an expert for a specific technology. In addition, it is part of KEBA's culture to continuously rethink and challenge the state of the art. That never gets boring!

Fabian Schöppl
Software Developer at KEBA
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