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KEBA AG is an internationally successful electronics company with headquarters in Linz, Austria, and subsidiaries around the globe. Part of the KEBA group are also the German company KEMAS, the Dutch company DELEM and the Chinese joint venture CBPM-KEBA.

We consistently move forward in internationalization by expanding existing subsidiaries and establishing new ones, as well as with the acquisition of new companies.

Gerhard Luftensteiner, CEO


With effect from 31 May 2016, KEBA AG took over KEMAS GmbH, a German company based in Oberlungwitz near Chemnitz.

KEMAS, which was founded in 1991 by Hans-Jürgen Grämer, specializes in self-service solutions related to the transfer of material resources such as keys, post, equipment, tools, textiles, weapons, etc.

The transfer solutions facilitate the safe and clear registration, administration, storage, disposition and delivery of objects to various users, which are thus protected against unauthorized access, loss, manipulation and abuse.

The name KEMAS, which bears an accidental resemblance to that of KEBA, has been in use since the foundation of the company and is an acronym derived from “Key Management Systems”.

KEBA has taken an 80 per cent interest in the company, which has a workforce of 75, while the remaining 20 per cent remain in the possession of the company founder and his son. The KEMAS name is to be retained and operate under the umbrella KEBA brand. The operative management of the new KEBA subsidiary will also remain in the hands of the established managerial team.

Wüstenbrander Straße 9
09353 Oberlungwitz
Phone: +49 3723 6944-0
[email protected]




In the start of 2007 KEBA expanded its position in the Chinese banking market by establishing the joint venture CBPM-KEBA with headquarters in Peking. CBPM (China banknote printing and minting corporation) is a subsidiary of the Chinese central bank that has about 30,000 employees and is the largest banknote printing company in the world. By founding CBPM-KEBA, marketing structures were used and potential synergies opened up. Today 650 people are employed by CBPM-KEBA across China.

CBPM-KEBA Banknote Processing Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
No. 20 Chuangye Road, 3rd Street Shangdi,
HaiDian District, Beijing ZIP 100085
Tel.: +86 10 5662-7900
Fax: +86 10 5662-7800

CBPM, with numerous operations and a technical center, specializes in printing banknotes and minting coins. In the joint venture, CPBM brings their expertise in banknote recognition and processing.
By contrast, KEBA offers expertise and innovative strength in cash cycle technology from the area of bank automation. CBPM-KEBA is the leading providing of cash-in and cash cycle solutions in China today.

Delem headquarters Eindhofen/NL

DELEM - Everything under control

In early 2013 KEBA took over a majority position in the Dutch automation company DELEM with headquarters in Eindhoven. With this takeover in the industrial automation sector, KEBA expanded its industry segment in plastics, robotics/handling technology, and packaging with the sheet metal processing segment. The company, founded in 1976, is a technological leader in the automation of press brakes.

Delem, Luchthavenweg 42
5657 EB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 40 2552969
[email protected]

Well-known machine manufacturers around the world rely today on its excellent solutions – DELEM enjoys an excellent market position in Asia in particular.
DELEM is an independent company within the KEBA group. The DELEM management team handles operations management.
Information on all products can be found on the DELEM website.

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