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KEBA welcomes the Austrian funding package for electro-mobility.


As one of the leading providers of charging stations, KEBA welcomes the Austrian funding package for electro-mobility.


‘KEBA has been active in electro-mobility since 2009. Thanks to new models constantly being released by automobile manufacturers, electro-mobility has become a thing of the present, and is slowly becoming suitable for mass consumption. Funding like this, which has been in effect in Austria since 1st March 2017, is making a considerable contribution,’ explains Gerhard Luftensteiner, Chairman of KEBA AG.

Charging Station Acquisition is also Funded

It’s not just electric cars that are being funded in Austria, but also the acquisition of home charging stations, as created by KEBA. Home charging stations - also called wall boxes - charge cars quickly, and utilise their maximum charging capacity. This means their full reach can be taken advantage of - a key requirement for the use of electric cars.

KEBA Charging Stations Perfectly Integrated into Smart Home Solutions

Gerhard Luftensteiner, Chairman of KEBA AG: ‘We believe that electro-mobility would have even more potential if charging infrastructure provided the chance to involve alternative energies’. For this reason, KEBA is cooperating with leading Smart Home providers. For example, energy produced by photovoltaic facilities can be fed into the electric car using intelligent management. *‘In any case, the electric car is the biggest consumer in the household, so these solutions will pay off in the truest sense of the word,’ *continued Luftensteiner.

KEBA as a Leading Provider of Charging Solutions

More than 25,000 wall boxes produced by KEVA are already in use worldwide. This makes this Austrian manufacturer one of the leading providers, and one that has made a name for itself on the market with its charging solutions for all electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, as well as all areas of applications and markets worldwide. This makes KEBA charging solutions especially interesting for internationally active car manufacturers such as BMW, for which KEBA provides the new BMW i-Wallbox. Even energy suppliers and fleet operators are using KEBA wall boxes. Private electric car owners can purchase intelligent KEBA charging stations from authorised retailers. The KEBA wall box is produced in Linz.

A range of Smart Home solutions including the KEBA wall box could be viewed at a range of exhibitors from 3rd to 5th March 2017 at the Expoenergy (Energiesparmesse) 2017 in Wels (OÖ).

You can find out more here:

KEBA Wallbox for optimal e-mobility

Gerhard Luftensteiner, CEO KEBA AG

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