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45 Sons and Daughters of KEBA Employees Learn All About the World of Technology


‘Our young guests’ curiosity and thirst for knowledge were impressive,’ enthused Gerhard Luftensteiner, Chairman of KEBA AG, when asked about the KEBA Kids Day 2017. ‘We succeeded in awakening an enthusiasm for technology and showing the children what innovative products our company produces.’

To this end, the Linz-based automation company KEBA opened its doors for a full day again this year to the children of its staff. There was a lot of interest: a total of 45 children aged 7 to 12 explored the exciting world of technology at KEBA on Wednesday, 9.8.2017.

Soldering, creating an electronic blinking light step by step, exploring the world of industrial robots, charging an electric car and seeing how an injection moulding machine produces plastic parts - all this was on the programme that fascinated the children. The children were also allowed to visit their Mums’ and Dads’ workplaces, getting to know the spectrum of different jobs on the way.

‘I think it’s very important to introduce young people early on to technical jobs and broaden their horizons before they decide on their careers,’ said Gerhard Luftensteiner.

Over half of participants were girls - a sign that technology is no longer a boys’ club. And maybe KEBA will be able to welcome one of these young visitors to its ranks as a technician a few years from now.

Gerhard Luftensteiner, CEO and Franz Höller, CTO also looked at the KEBA Kids Day.

When soldering, sensitiveness was required.


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