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    The cost-effective replacement for stationary panels

    KeTop T200

    Handheld terminal


    The tablet for industry

    The mobile KeTop T200 terminal features an ergonomic housing with brilliant, HD-ready display. Fast processors make possible demanding visualization and operating applications. With integrated safety elements, performance on a PC level and Windows Embedded Standard 7®, it is a full-fledged replacement for stationary panels.

    Unique features, such as the modular construction, which facilitates easy upgrades to newer processor technologies as application requirements grow, as well as an additional, optional keyboard on the rear of the device make the KeTop T200 a versatile handheld operating device built for the long term. For the performance upgrade, neither modifications to the visualization solution and software nor interventions in the machine concept are necessary.


    Maximum operating efficiency

    Optional keyboard on the rear of the device for simultaneously actuating multiple buttons

    Ergonomics play a decisive role with handheld operating devices. In an analysis of the operating behavior of users, it was determined that multiple buttons are often actuated simultaneously in order to work particularly efficiently. For the KeTop T200, an optional keyboard was therefore developed for the rear of the device with haptic support for “blindly” finding the buttons.

    As a result, it is possible, for example, to simultaneously move multiple axes with natural handling; frequently used buttons (e.g., Menu, Home, Back, …) are ergonomically positioned.

    Growing performance - KeTop T200

    Reliable investment protection

    Device performance increases with each processor generation

    User interfaces of a modern visualization device must be fast and fluid. To also meet future requirements, the KeTop T200 has a modular design. This allows an easy and fast transition to newer processor technologies. Drops in performance if the visualization applications are extended thereby become a thing of the past.

    KeTop T200 semi-wireless

    Mobile visualization and safe operation in one device

    The KeTop T200 in the semi-wireless version is a hybrid device that combines the advantages of wireless devices and stationary operating panels: mobility and safety.
    In wireless mode, the operator can move freely and thereby always has an overview of the entire hall. Whether in the foreman's office or while doing rounds in the hall, the KeTop T200 semi-wireless reliably visualizes the overview of the hall as well as the individual machine states. If the device is connected to a machine, it automatically detects it and switches to Safe Mode: the safety elements are now activated and the machine can be safely operated.

    semi-wireless operation


    PC performance


    for stationary panels



    Technical data

    KeTop T200
    Type TFT
    ResolutionWXGA 1280 x 800
    Touch sensoranalog-resistive
    Operating elements (1 element can be selected)
    Membrane keyboardFront side with max. 36 buttons, rear side: max. 12 buttons
    Selection switch2, 4 or 16 levels
    Key switch2 or 3 positions Push button, no-detent or detent
    CharacteristicsKEBA standard
    safety elements
    enabling switch1 x (optional safety electronics) / 2 x (integrated safety electronics), 3 levels, 2 channels, B10d=1,000,000
    emergency-stop button / gray stop button2 channels, B10d=250.000
    Safety category”without safety electronics: PLe acc. to EN 13849-1 or SIL3 acc. to EN 61508 can be achieved with safety electronics: PLe acc. to EN 13849-1 or SIL3 acc. to EN 61508 (is standard with two enabling switches)”

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