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Communication modules

KeConnect - I/O modules


Versatile communication options

The KeConnect communication modules enable customized communication to a wide range of communication partners through back-to-back modules and plug-in cards. Simple wiring is ensured through standard plugs.

  • Support of a wide range of high-performance bus protocols
  • Open for networking with other systems
  • Powerful parameterization and diagnosis interface
  • Custom configuration options

Product features

The EtherCAT bus couplers (BL 270 series) support minimal cycle times down to 100µs. The system has excellent and highly precise timing characteristics through the use of distributed clocks.

CANopen modules are available as back-to-back modules with two interfaces with a maximum data transfer rate up to 1Mbit/s. The KeConnect modules can be operated remotely via a CANopen bus coupler.

Transfer rates up to 12 Mbit/s can be configured with the Profibus slave module.

SERCOS modules offer the possibility for fast, interference-free and synchronous communication with drives and IOs.

Serial interfaces have either one or two communication channels, which can be operated independently in full-duplex mode.


Modules overview

  • Serial interfaces: SM 210/A, SM 220/A, SM 230/A, SM 250/A, SX 210/A, SX 220/A, SX 230/A
  • CAN: FM 200/A, FX 200/A
  • PROFIBUS: FM 265/A
  • SERCOS III: FX 271/B
  • Ethernet: NX 252/A, FX 271/B
  • Bus couplers: BL 270-series (EtherCAT), C2-BL 210/B (CAN)

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