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    Digital I/Os

    KeConnect - I/O modules


    Fast and safe shutdown

    KeConnect digital I/O modules are optimized for fast detection of digital signals and switching of actuators. They can be operated directly on a controller or via a bus coupler.

    Modules with various levels of input and output granularity are available. Our hybrid modules ensure maximum cost and space efficiency.

    • Outputs up to a nominal load of 2 A.
    • Selected digital inputs can be used as interrupt inputs to quickly process external digital signals.
    • Optimized shutdown behavior enables extremely fast switching cycles of inductive loads.
    • Galvanic isolation.

    Fast shutdown

    The digital outputs with a nominal load of 2 A were designed for switching off large inductive loads. They are ideal for operating hydraulic valves with short switching cycles.

    Separate supplies

    The 2 A outputs are divided into galvanically isolated groups that can be supplied individually. The separate supplies allow machine parts to be switched off safely from a central location.

    Input functions

    To be able to react to process events very quickly, certain inputs have an interrupt functionality. Some inputs are equipped with a period time evaluation for speed or rotational speed measurement.

    Available modules

    KeConnect C5

    • Digital inputs: DI 570
    • Digital outputs: DO 550, DO 570
    • Hybrid modules: DM 570, DM 556 (inverse wiring)

    KeConnect C2

    • Digital inputs: DI 240/B, DI 260/A
    • Digital outputs: DO 242/B, DO 272/A
    • Hybrid modules: DM 272/A, DM 276/A (inverse wiring)

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