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Temperature measurement

KeConnect - I/O modules


Universal use of various temperature sensors

The thermoelement modules are characterized by galvanic isolation of the inputs. As a result, both isolated as well as non-isolated measurement sensors can be switched on at the same time while still maintaining maximum immunity to interference.

The TM 2xx/A series consists of temperature measurement modules that can be directly attached to CPU modules and operated with all product lines of the KEBA control system by means of bus couplers:

  • Thermoelement type J, K, L (TM 220/A, TM 240/A)
  • For PT100 resistor sensors (TM 225/A)
  • Internal and external cold junction compensation
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Sensor break detection
  • Electronic rating plate

Product features

TM 220/A, TM 240/A

Analog input modules TM 220/A and TM 240/A enable the direct connection of thermoelements (2-conductor technique). The calibration and linearization of the temperature values takes place via a microcontroller. A sensor failure, should it occur, is reported to the higher-level central module and can be evaluated in the application.

TM 225/A

Analog input module TM 225/A enables the direct connection of PT100 resistor sensors. Up to four temperature sensors can be operated with 2- or 4-conductor technique. With the 4-conductor technique, the interference associated with the conductor lengths is compensated for and the precision of the measurement thereby increased.

Modules overview

  • Temperature module: TM 220/A, TM 240/A, TM225/A

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