KeTop T70 works with every OPC UA control

KEBA expands its versatile, industrial KeTop T70 handheld operating device with the open OPC UA standard. Devices of this series can now be used both with KEBA’s KeControl control devices as well as with all OPC UA-capable controls from other manufacturers. Typical applications of KeTop T70 are robotics, machine controls and general visualization tasks.

Future-proof investment

In the Industry 4.0 era, a manufacturer-independent networking of devices is of increasing importance. Thanks to open standards, users are able to assemble their system from the best suited components from various providers and optimize it for the given application. The OPC UA capability of the KeTop T70 handheld operating devices increases investment protection, as the devices can easily be integrated in the corresponding systems. The visualization and the user interface can also continue to be used, should it be necessary to change the control manufacturer or following a hardware upgrade, without needing to make time-consuming modifications.

Continued growth

In addition to the KeTop T70, 2017 will also bring OPC UA compatibility to the KeTop T200 industrial tablet, moving another step towards manufacturer-independent openness.

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