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    Penetration in North China


    KEBA China has a new branch site in Jinan that’s been in operation for some time now. As the brand awareness of KeMotion began to accumulate, some robots manufacture in north China chose us as the solution supplier. Jilin Universal Machinery Co., Ltd was one of them. (Hereinafter referred to as JT)

    Jilin Universal Machinery Co., Ltd was one of them. (Hereinafter referred to as JT) JT was founded in 1965, located in Changchun, mainly engaged in machining, aluminum molding technology, stamping, painting, assembling and welding, was one of the biggest industrial manufactures in China. JT was now developing their 6 axis robot equipped with total solution of KeMotion (including D3-drives and DMS4-motors) and it was tested rather successfully. Just because of our effort, KEBA got the confirmation for the supply of 60 sets total solution of KeMotion within FY17. It’s a big order in our first-year cooperation. We saw the big potential from JT as well as from other potential companies in north China.

    Based in our new Jinan office, we will make much more effort to give our great services to our customers in north China and serve the needs of our products with full range of technical services. With over 45 years’ experience, we have grown deeply into plastic and robotic industries in China. We believe that JT was just the start. The robotic business is certain to be expanded massively in FY17. Go fighting! KEBA China!


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