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    The precision solution for efficient angular measurement

    Your advantages at a glance

    Time savings

    When used directly on the press brake, the KeMes angle measurement device automatically determines any bent angle. Time no longer needs to be spent on manual spot checks.

    Avoid reject

    KeMes enables complete quality control directly in the running production process. It is possible to immediately respond to any angle deviations.

    Suitable for all machines

    The patented angle measurement solution functions for different machine types and manufacturers and can be retrofitted to existing press brakes at any time without intervening in the machine control.

    Flexible use

    Whether directly on the press brake, for manual spot checks or incoming goods inspection – the digital protractor KeMes is very versatile.

    Easy on the workpiece

    The measurement is performed using innovative laser technology. Thanks to the contactless process, no damage occurs to the workpieces.

    Quality data recording

    KeMes supports the recording of the measurement values, which can then be used to analyze the production process.

    How KeMes works

    The digital protractor KeMes is characterized by the compact mechanical design and the contactless measurement process, which is based on the principle of a normal reflection.

    This animation illustrates the exact function of the device.

    Technical data at a glance

    • Laser class 2 acc. to IEC 60825-1:2014
    • Integrated motion sensor
    • Measurement accuracy ±0.2°
      (see “Reference measurement accuracy” in the operating instructions)
    • Repeatability 0.01°
    • Measurement range 30-150°
    • Optional Bluetooth interface for data transmission
    • Saves and transmits measurement values via USB port


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