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    Every from one source for our customers

    We know the market requirements for successful automation solutions and we speak the same language as our customers. This is based on many years of international market experience and solid application expertise.
    Development and production of all hardware and software components takes place 100% in-house.

    All technologies and services are ideally coordinated with each other. Experienced experts offer the best possible support in every phase of the product life cycle.
    Maximum customer benefit and the highest productivity are a priority. This is our definition of long-term, successful collaboration.


    Industrial Automation

    In the area of industrial automation, standards have been successfully combined with the greatest possible flexibility – with the goal of offer total solutions (hardware and software) from one source.

    In so doing, the focus on the segments
    - Plastic injection molding
    - Robotic and handling technology
    - Packaging
    - Sheet metal

    provides key advantages for customers.

    Furthermore, with cross-sector
    - innovative operating and visualization solutions and
    - an open control platform in the software area

    KEBA more than meets the customer's need for maximum customization and investment protection as well as fast time-to-market.

    Banking Automation

    The round-the-clock availability of banking services is becoming more and more of a pleasant expectation. We deal with automated solutions that assist our customers in their endeavor to provide even more service to end customers.

    Our many years of experience make us the experts for self-operated automation – especially for sensitive areas with a need for security.


    Logistics Automation

    More freedom for the end customer from postal and logistics services is the name of the game:
    our goods logistics solution KePol provides automation from the first to the last mile in postal and logistics systems. Reducing unsuccessful delivery attempts for logistics companies and maximum end customer benefit from automated package pick-up around the clock make KePol an internationally successful logistics solution.

    The intelligent KEMAS (part of KEBA group) transfer solutions enable the tamper-resistant and documented storage and transfer of sensitive objects and documents regardless of opening times. All processes are documented completely and are clearly assignable. All requirements of revisions and audits are met.

    Lottery Solutions

    KeWin stands for lottery solutions that impress with the highest availability and unmatched reliability.

    With speed, ease of use, and reliability, the online terminals for lottery companies set a milestone in automatic processing of betting slips.


    Heating Control Systems

    Energy is increasingly becoming a key resource and today is an important topic for the future of our company.

    With KeEnergy, KEBA offers a control solution with the highest energy efficiency and ease of use for heat pumps and biomass heating.

    Electro Mobility

    Quieter, cleaner, cheaper are the convincing arguments for why electromobility is part of the future.

    The prerequisite is to have a good functioning, secure, and easy-to-maintain infrastructure that is simple and intuitive for the user to operate.

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