Children's Day at KEBA



40 children of KEBA employees experience technology at first hand


On Thursday, August 6th, forty children aged between seven and twelve dived into the world of technology at the Linz-based KEBA AG. For the first time, the internationally successful automation specialist had invited the offspring of its staff to spend a day at their parents’ firm.

As company CEO, Gerhard Luftensteiner explains, the motivation behind the decision to launch a KEBA Children’s Day was: “Our wish to enable youngsters to see where their parents work and provide them with an opportunity to experience technology at first hand with the idea of awakening their enthusiasm in this regard at an early stage.”

Among many other features, the programme included chances to build an electronic workpiece, take a look inside an ATM and become acquainted with the world of industrial robots. The children were also able to visit the workplaces of their mums and dads and thus find out what they do during the day.

The reward was lively interest, many questions and lots of young, sparkling eyes.

Gerhard Luftensteiner is certain that the Children’s Day succeeded in both arousing a fascination for all things technical among the children and showing them the type of innovative products that Austrian companies manufacture. He attaches great, personal importance to showing young people the many aspects of technical and technology-related professions as soon as possible with the aim of opening their eyes to additional career perspectives before they have fixed ideas about their future.

More than half of the children at the Children’s Day were girls, which is an indication that technology is no longer merely a male preserve. And who knows, perhaps in a few years time, KEBA will be able to welcome one or other of its young visitors as a member of the company’s team of specialists.

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