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    • KEBA at SPS IPC Drives 2018

      Mastering the
      Digital Transformation


    KEBA - a strong partner for smart industry

    Technologies, economy and society are changing at breathtaking speed. Under the motto "Mastering the Digital Transformation", KEBA showed at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg how they can prepare for future developments.

    Hardware or software, individual components or complete solutions – we have an answer for every requirement.

    These were the KEBA fair highlights:

    • On the very first day of the trade fair, KEBA already provided a big surprise for the trade public and the local press with the announcement of the acquisition of LTI Motion and Heinz Fiege GmbH.

    • Smart Technology – a future-proof framework for fast and intuitive machine configuration

    • Smart Operation – user-friendly, real-time capable and customized operation

    • Smart Branches – powerful, modular and safe solutions for all industrial requirements

    • Smart Engineering – Makerspace, the platform for digitalization

    • Smart Factory – data management, cloud-based services and rapid IT integration with edge devices

    • Robotics demo – high-end robotics combined with ROS vision technology

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    Automation specialist KEBA acquires
    LTI Motion

    With this news, KEBA in Nuremberg caused a big surprise among the specialist audience and the press: The internationally active automation specialist KEBA AG located in Linz, Austria, acquires LTI Motion and Heinz Fiege GmbH, technically leading suppliers of drive solutions and spindle technology based in Lahnau and Röllbach, Germany. A corresponding contract between KEBA AG and the seller, Körber AG, based in Hamburg, Germany, was signed on November 15, 2018. This acquisition strengthens KEBA's position in industrial automation.

    A future-proof framework for fast and intuitive machine configuration

    Smart Technology

    A central requirement of digital transformation is the scalability of hardware with simultaneous modularization in software. The basis is a high-performance KEBA controller such as the C5 line with its six performance classes. When it comes to software, KEBA offers a modular system that can be used for small projects as well as complete turnkey solutions. An essential advantage of this modular system is its openness. Users of the KeControl FlexCore platform can integrate their own know-how or even their own runtime systems and supplement them with KEBA technologies as required. The system ensures that all components work together precisely and smoothly.

    Digital transformation also means that technologies quickly change. Machine builders need to be able to update their technologies and install new packages in short time. KEBA’s intelligent assistants make it easy to retrofit packages at any time. KEBA offers a range of optional technology modules for robotics, security, safety, connectivity, etc. They can be supplemented with around 50,000 freely available Linux standard packages. This guarantees machine builders clear differentiation from their competitors and secures the path for digitalization.


    HMI: User-friendly, real-time capable and customized operation

    Smart Operation

    The KeTop product range is constantly growing. The KeTop T150 Safe Wireless operating devices in portrait format and the T155 in landscape format will also be presented at the fair. These combine user experiences from the high-end smartphone world such as connectivity and multitouch use with safe machine operation. An optional effective range restriction prevents operation in dangerous out-of-sight areas. Windows 10, multitouch and optional HMI software allow users to easily integrate their own visualizations.

    A further highlight is the intelligent operating solution with Force Feedback Touch on a stationary panel. Despite the smooth surface, the user receives haptic feedback which enables blind operation and concentration on the process. This function is also activated on the KeWheel: KEBA now offers a handwheel that can activate different modes via software and thus provides completely new possibilities in the freedom of design when operating.

    KeWheel KeTop Safe Wireless

    Smart Factory

    Data management, cloud-based services and rapid IT integration with edge devices

    The keyword here is IOT or the Internet of Things. IOT refers to the networking of objects via the internet as the central motor of digital transformation. In order to carry out this transformation, however, one thing is needed first: data! Those who know their data and use it correctly can go completely new ways and implement the buzzwords such as predictive maintenance, machine learning and even their own business models. KEBA showed at SPS IPC Drives how these goals can be achieved in a short time.

    Makerspace, the platform for digitalization

    Smart Engineering


    In Makerspace, KEBA experts will demonstrate live to visitors how quickly and easily KEBA technologies can be used in companies for digital transformation. They are easy to use and work in all industrial areas of automation, such as HMI, plastics and robotics. Visitors can find out about the function of a Digital Twin, the reloading of technology packages, the advantages of parameterization instead of programming or the simple instruction of robots via wizards.


    Smart Branches

    Powerful, modular and safe solutions for all industrial requirements

    Market leaders on all continents rely on KEBA solutions. Whether in the automation, HMI, plastics or robotics sectors, KEBA control systems help machine builders across industries to achieve maximum efficiency and success.

    High-end robotics combined with ROS vision technology

    Robotics demo

    Someone draws a motive on a sheet of paper. The robot arm scans the image. Immediately, the robot starts moving and travels the contours in a path. With the robot demo at the trade fair, KEBA demonstrated which high-performance solutions are already possible in the field of vision technology. Possible fields of application would be collision detection, obstacle detection, quality control or welding paths.

    KEBA combines its own proven high-end robotics with a dynamic open source vision technology, which can be used efficiently by integrating the ROS framework. This example shows how easy it is to save costs with freely available technology packages. KEBA specifically chose conventional cameras and open source algorithms for this demonstration.

    KeMotion FlexCore KeSafe

    Automating machines and robots

    In the area of industrial automation, standards have been successfully combined with the greatest possible flexibility – with the goal of offering total solutions (hardware and software) from one source. In so doing, the focus on segments provides an essential advantage for customers:
    - plastic injection molding - robotics and handling technology - packaging - sheet metal

    Furthermore, with cross-sector

    • innovative operating and visualization solutions and
    • an open control platform in the software area

    KEBA more than meets the customer's need for maximum customization and investment protection as well as fast time-to-market.



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