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    Product illustration of a ServoOne CM

    ServoOne CM

    Servo controller for sophisticated solutions

    Compact multi-axis servo controller for drive technology

    The ServoOne CM servo controller is a component of the SystemOne CM multi-axis automation system.

    ServoOne CM contains perfectly matched components for drive technology.

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Central supply unit with optional energy recovery
    • Internal auxiliary power supply
    • Single-axis, two-axis, and three-axis controllers
    75 %

    75 %

    more compact design with ServoOne CM



    motion in the axis controller







    ServoOne CM multi-axis controller

    Components that fit together perfectly

    Chart underlining the compactness of ServoOne CM

    Compact design

    SystemOne CM sets the standard for compactness in automation systems. For a typical configuration of 6 axes including auxiliary voltage supply, SystemOne CM saves approx. 40 % of space in the cabinet compared to conventional multi-axis systems, and another 60 % compared to the use of automation systems with single axes.

    SystemOne CM achieves its compactness through the following features:

    • Supply unit with built-in 24 V power supply
    • Three-axis controller

    Technical specifications

    ServoOne CM servo controller

    General data
    Encoder interfaceResolver, SinCos, Hiperface®, Hiperface® DSL, EnDAT
    Field bus EtherCAT CoE
    Standard safety technology STO (SIL3, PL e, Kat 4) + SBC (SIL3, PL e, Kat 4)
    Optional safety technologySSx, SOS, SBC, SLS, SLI, SDI, SLP, SCA, …
    Cooling systemWall-mounted (air-cooled heat sink) for BG 1 -4, cold plate for BG 1 and BG 2, liquid cooling for BG 3 and BG 4
    (1) Overload for 500 ms (at 4 kHz, 400 VAC) 2) Wall-mounted design
    AssembliesRated currentMaximum current 1) Single-axis controller Two-axis controllerThree-axis controller
    Size BG1 = 55 x 310 x 241 mm (for wall-mounting)
     1,5 A 4,5 A•••••
      3 A 9 A•••••
     6 A18 A•••••
     12 A36 A--
     16 A48 A--
    Size BG2 = 110 x 310 x 241 mm (for wall-mounting)
     12 A36 A-•••••
     16 A 40 A -••-
     24 A 72 A --
     32 A 100 A --
    Size BG3 = 165 x 390 x 251 mm (for wall-mounting)
      24 A72 A-••-
     32 A96 A-••-
     45 A135 A••-
      80 A229 A--
    Size BG4 = 275 x 390 x 251 mm (for wall-mounting)
     130 A---
     210 A420 A--

    ServoOne CMP supply unit

    10 kW (BG1)22 kW (BG2)45 kW (BG3)90 kW (BG3)120 kW (BG4)
    General data
    Dimensions [mm] 55 x 310 x 241110 x 310 x 241165 x 390 x 251165 x 390 x 251275 x 390 x 251
    Supply voltage3 x 230 V - 480 V AC3 x 230 V - 480 V AC3 x 400 V - 480 V AC3 x 400 V - 480 V AC3 x 400 V - 480 V AC
    Power pack 24V DC, 20 ABuilt-in (option)Built-in (option)ExternalExternalExternal
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