The largest webshop in the Czech Republic opts for KEBA

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Alza is the largest supplier of electrical goods and e-commerce pioneer in the Czech Republic and has now decided to improve its service with KEBA automated parcel terminals and expands its existing delivery channels with the 24/7 solution.

Online orders and parcel collection from “Alza Box”

The Alza success story is based on the growing e-commerce market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which it has strongly influenced into becoming one of the largest in Europe. During the past twenty years, the company has been able to steadily raise its sales in tandem with an increase in the number of parcels. Alza actually launched its business model with an online shop for electronics, but now offers goods of almost every description.

Until now, Alza customers had to either pay for delivery or collect their parcels from one of the company’s stores, which like post offices, have limited opening hours. However, the company recently decided to offer customers the additional option of collecting parcels from remote parcel stations, called “Alza Boxes” and as a result, has ordered thirty systems from KEBA.

Of these initial thirty parcel stations, more than ten were very quickly installed and put into operation. The short project implementation time proved a tough test for all those involved, but was dealt with in masterly fashion. Rudolf Žůrek, Director of Logistic “For us, KEBA’s enormous flexibility proved a positive surprise and served to confirm the integrity of our choice of supplier.”


Expansion plans

Alza is the only company in the Czech Republic to boast its very own network of parcel boxes. The company already plans to install additional “Alza Boxes” in Prague, then extend into other large conurbations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia until full coverage is attained.


KEBA’s first ever web shop customer

Alza is the first web shop among KEBA’s customers, and according to Michael Landl, the company’s International Sales Director for Banking and Service Automation: “For us, this confirms a growing trend, which sees an increasing number of companies and web shops looking for solutions to the problem of the last mile. Our proven quality and flexibility again proved decisive in obtaining this new client.”


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