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    Expertise to give you a head start


    Profit from KEBA’s expertise!

    KEBA training services offer you individually designed training packages that have been tailored to your needs. Our trainers have many years of experience with the KePlus products which means that you can benefit from our expert knowledge and expertise.

    Our training courses can be completed either at KEBA or on-site at your company, alternatively we also offer several online training courses.



    Efficient online training courses


    The KEBA e-learning portal offers you the option of getting to know our bank automation products online. The duration of the training can be designed to be individual and efficient in accordance with your requirements! There are no travel costs for the trainer and participant whatsoever.

    Book your course now at or follow the link if you have already enrolled for a course.

    Training packages


    Project staff

    Sales or project employees get a detailed overview of technology and facts related to the systems.


    Shipping and assembly staff receive information on transport, installation, assembly and handover.



    During training, advisers receive an overview of system components and device handling.


    Training modules for technicians contain topics on troubleshooting, component exchange and maintenance.


    Help desk

    Training modules for support employees deal with topics related to software, log files and analysis.


    Self-service training

    Get your employees enthusiastic about self-service!

    Branch employees make an essential contribution to a self-service concept. Only when they are convinced of the advantages and support the use of the devices, can be secured a high self-service quota and customer acceptance in the long run.

    As part of a two-day workshop, alongside technical inputs, participants receive an overview of how ATMs are produced, how notes are checked or what trends there are in the self-service field.

    Support Section

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