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Our references

It is the success of our customers which also makes us successful.

Selected reference projects

Bank Austria

Over 220 account service terminals have been used by Bank Austria since April 2013, which were delivered and installed in a short space of time.

Bankhaus Schellhammer & Schattera

The oldest private bank in Austria uses KEBA self-service terminals in its branch on Wiener Stephansplatz.

Chianti Banca

In the heart of Tuscany in Italy, Chianti Banca is drawing on KEBA recyclers to modernize its branches.


Commerzbank has been a KEBA customer since 2004 - in the meantime, over 1,000 KEBA cash recyclers have already been installed in the branches.

Kreissparkasse Göppingen

Since 2005 the Kreissparkasse Göppingen has installed more than 120 KEBA devices including non-cash terminals and cash recycling ATMs.

Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg

KEBAs largest customer in the savings banks sector in Germany offers nationwide cash recycling - with more than 100 KEBA recyclers.


The result of many years of cooperation between Oberbank and KEBA is over 70 cash recyclers and 120 account service terminals.

Sparda-Bank Südwest

Sparda-Bank Südwest has installed and put into operation 111 KEBA cash recyclers in almost 80 branches and self-service locations in only two years.

Sparkasse Bodensee

The Sparkasse Bodensee has completely restructured its branch network and relies on the highly available cash recyclers from KEBA for its self-service locations.

Stadtsparkasse Gevelsberg

In the head office of Stadtsparkasse Gevelsberg, four KEBA recyclers next to each other now deal with the high coin deposit volumes.

Sparkasse Kufstein

The Sparkasse Kufstein relies on nationwide cash recycling and KEBA self-service training to increase employee and customer acceptance.


VKB-Bank decided to use KEBA recyclers in 2013 to replace the old deposit ATMs.

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