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More space for “Energy” business

In late 2018 we finally finished relocating our “Energy” business division (electromobility and heating controllers). Due to the rapid growth in personnel, the KEBA offices in the Urfahr business park (Linz, Upper Austria) were bursting at the seams.

Only 100 meters away we were able to find new office space and hence more room for our company to grow. The new offices are close to the KEBA headquarters as well as our production areas at the Industriezeile location.

Employees here now have the opportunity to test out new workspace concepts. To this end we created a “Relocation” team consisting of our own staff members and allowed them to design the offices as they see fit.


Flexible workspace concepts

For the first time ever, the Energy division will test a “flexible workspace concept” at KEBA. At the start of each workday, employees will be able to choose their own workspaces and mark them accordingly on an information board. For instance, colleagues working on the same project can all chose to work in the same office space. In addition to offices with flexible workspaces, there are also project rooms, a silent room for undisturbed working (similar to a library), meeting rooms, a creative room for brainstorming and creative thinking as well as a co-working space for informal work in small groups. The office space follows the “clean desk” principle, which means each employee cleans up their desk at the end of the workday and makes it available for others on the following day.

This new workspace concept requires a great deal of discipline and perseverance from the colleagues taking part in this “small experiment”, but it also enables flexible working arrangements, which is always important in a dynamic environment. It also fosters the exchange of information and ideas and promotes cohesion and camaraderie among colleagues in the business division. In addition, it has also been proven that changing the workspace or work environment more often leads to new insights and ideas.

For personal items employees can use lockers, where laptops and work tools are also stored, while everything else is kept in the common areas.

We have gathered a few of our impressions of this new workspace - and it goes without saying that we look forward to your visit!

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