Annual Press Conference 2017/18

KEBA marks its 50th birthday with the best sales figures so far

With a leap in revenues of EUR 60.6 million, which represents growth of 31.5 per cent, the KEBA Group achieved the best sales figures in its fifty-year history. Moreover, when viewed over a period of the past five years, average group growth has amounted to 11 per cent annually (CAGR).

During the past financial year (April 2017 to March 2018), the Linz-based KEBA Group generated sales worth EUR 253.6 million.

The export quota remained at an unchanged high level of 87 per cent. Around 61 per cent of exports went to the EU (excluding Austria) and 16 per cent to Asia.

Business growth during the past year resulted in a corresponding increase in the numbers of qualified personnel and contrary to the predominant shortage of specialists, the group was able to continue to attract experts to its ranks. At present, KEBA has a global workforce of around 1,130.

Leadership through research and development

Gerhard Luftensteiner: “The KEBA name is a synonym for innovation, a word that we understand as meaning safeguarding the future. This is because the ongoing further development of our products and solutions also serves to secure our technological position in the market for the years to come. Consequently, we invest between 15 and 20 per cent of our annual sales revenues in R&D.”

In line with this policy, during the twelve months under report the group made further investments in research and development, and raised its spending in this connection from EUR 38.1 million to EUR 41.5 million.

This continuous trend facilitates sustained growth, which is reflected by ongoing product innovations in the form of new solutions that are targeted on market demands and future-oriented trends. As a result, KEBA creates competitive advantages not only for itself, but also its customers.

As a highly innovative company, KEBA constantly examines the issues of tomorrow and current trends in conjunction with their related demands and opportunities. Gerhard Luftensteiner: “Our group’s fiftieth birthday provides a welcome opportunity to both obtain inspiration from an expert and listen to his experiences and points of view.” These comments relate to the fact that as part of KEBA’s jubilee celebrations, the international futurologist, Peter Fisk, is to visit the company in Linz. “Peter Fisk addresses issues and developments such as digitization and disruption, which are of relevance for us all and must be used to our advantage.”

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Press Release

Gerhard Luftensteiner, CEO KEBA AG © KEBA AG / APA-Fotoservice / Hartl

© KEBA AG / APA - Fotoservice / Hartl

© KEBA AG / APA - Fotoservice / Hartl

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