KEBA Live Dialogue

The exhibition world stands still. We at KEBA do not!

Extraordinary times demand innovative ideas: KEBA Industrial Automation set up an in-house exhibition booth at the KEBA headquarters in Linz, Austria, to meet with customers and interested parties at the KEBA Live Dialogue, an exclusive real-time video conference for discussing exhibition topics.

Following the mass cancellation of exhibitions, which represent a critical line of contact and communication for companies, KEBA started looking for alternatives and found a very innovative solution!

We quickly built an exhibition booth at the KEBA headquarters where our experts can guide individual customers and interested parties through the product world of KEBA Industrial Automation via live video. After all we want people to have the opportunity to experience KEBA live - even without traditional exhibitions - and to respond to their individual questions and needs through personal conversation.

With the KEBA Live Dialogue, KEBA invites to an emotional experience at a “real” exhibition booth where we present the entire product portfolio of KEBA Industrial Automation for areas related to mechanical engineering, machine tools, plastics, robotics, wind energy and turbo blowers. And since it involves one-on-one discussions rather than group meetings, clients will have the opportunity to ask questions as if they were talking to someone at a “real” exhibition booth.

The concept clearly works as proven by the many successful meetings that were held in lieu of the cancelled SPS Italia trade show.

How does KEBA Live Dialogue work?

Anyone interested can register online for an individual exhibition appointment free of charge and sign up either for a general product presentation or a detailed discussion on topics such as "modular control platform", "future-oriented machine operation" or "drive technology for demanding applications". Just like at a traditional exhibition, a team consisting of a product specialist, a sales representative and a cameraman will be on hand to guide you through the exhibition booth.

KEBA can be experienced live even without exhibitions.

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