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    Spare parts

    So that the availability of your self-service systems remain at the highest level.

    Spare parts services

    Original spare parts
    The KePlus spare parts services provide our customers with a wide range of original KEBA spare parts and consumables with the usual high quality in order to keep the availability of your KePlus systems at an extremely high level at all times.

    Spare part repairs
    Alternatively, we also offer to repair spare parts in KEBA’s own repair center in order to allow our customers to replace expensive spare parts in a cost-efficient way. This way, you get a high-quality spare part on more favorable terms.





    Online shop





    Consumables and cleaning materials

    Safeguarding smooth operation

    High-quality consumables make a significant contribution to the efficient and smooth-running operation of a KePlus product.

    Consumables from KEBA are optimally matched to KePlus products and subsequently offer the best performance level when operating our products.

    Convenient shopping in our online shop

    KEBA consumables can be purchased directly from the KEBA online shop. The offer includes the most common materials such as thermal paper rolls, cleaning sets and ink ribbons.

    If you have not yet registered for our online shop, request your webshop access now by clicking on "registration".


    Retrofitting existing equipment

    Upgrade to protect your investment

    Technical development in the bank automation branch is progressing steadily and opens up new possibilities for implementing additional features in cash recyclers and non-cash terminals.

    KEBA offers a number of these new features for existing equipment, consequently KEBA products can be consistently kept up to date with the latest technical standards, even after initial operation.

    Increased safety and feature extensions

    Our upgrades include a broad portfolio of safety solutions and feature extensions for all of our products.

    Should you not find the feature you are looking for in our portfolio, we would be happy to advise you on individual retrofitting solutions.


    Online shop

    We provide our customers the facility for conveniently placing spare part orders, repair orders and returns round the clock using the online KEBA spare parts portal. A status overview and an evaluation facility for orders that have already been completed are also available, of course.

    Moreover, the most important information on the spare parts, i.e. express availability, price and diverse data from the stock list, is available online.

    Express logistics

    Due to the express logistics concept, our service partners in Austria, Germany and other selected countries are supplied with spare parts nationwide the next working day either to 08:00 or 12:00. The delivery takes place at defined drop-off points. Due to the short re-procurement times, our customers can reduce their capital commitment due to spare part inventory and are still in a position to carry out a high quality service in spite of this.


    Support Section

    Do you require help or would you like more information on the services of our KePlus systems? Then contact us:

    KePlus Hotline
    +43 732 7090 27000

    You will find all spare parts in our webshop and all manuals in our document portal ready for you to download: