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    Intelligent infrastructure solution for the fast charging of electric vehicles


    KeContact P30

    The next generation wallbox

    Our wallbox has been successfully tested with all available electric vehicles and charges quickly, easily and reliably - whether its the BMW i3, smart fortwo electric drive, Renault ZOE or Tesla Model S.

    With only one core product in different versions, all markets, areas of use and application cases can be covered and any electric vehicle charged.

    Use Cases

    More than just charging - with our KeContact P30 charging station, you and your customers can realize different applications:



    With KeContact P30, the electric vehicle (depending on type) can be fully-charged as quick as possible and therefore achieves the maximum range. Charging is extremely easy and reliable and is possible for all electric vehicles - we guarantee this with four equipment series and numerous extras.

    Optimization of your own consumption in the smart home

    KeContact P30 is ideally equipped for the smart home of the future. The wallbox can be controlled easily and status information can be retrieved via user data protocol (UDP). For example, the maximum permissible amount of electrical charge for an electric vehicle can be regulated based on a photovoltaic system, battery storage unit or heat pump - this results in an added value for electromobility!

    Billing of company vehicles

    People with company vehicles can simply bill the company or the leasing company for energy charged at home with the MID-certified meter.

    User authorization

    KeContact P30 offers different options for authorization and identification and is perfectly suited for the semi-public sector. For example, it ensures that only authorized persons can use the charging station in apartment buildings.

    Monitoring the house connection

    External meter data can easily be read out by KeContact P30 via Modbus TCP protocol. This process is used for checking in comparison with the energy supplier. Furthermore, the electric vehicle’s charging processes can be controlled depending on the house connection.

    Videos from our experts

    Gerhard Wimmer on safe charging in private areas

    Gernot Schimmel on consumption-dependent charging in public areas

    Harald Stadler on intelligent charging in semi-public areas


    Our service for you

    With our "easy to use" claim, we always orientate ourselves to the requirements of the user. Therefore, KeContact P30 is simple, self-explanatory and absolutely intuitive.

    If you still require support, we offer detailed service documents, installation videos, answers to the most frequently asked questions and third level support especially for our partners.

    Become a dealer

    We are looking for you - the local hero!

    End customers are looked after exclusively by our sales partners and dealer network. Would you like to purchase our wallbox and become a sales partner? Then contact us - we are always looking for competent partners in the respective country for our dealer network!

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