Maximize your delivery efficiency

with the smart KePol parcel lockers


Sophisticated and reliable parcel lockers

Already since the year 2000, the smart KePol parcel lockers are known worldwide for their outstanding reliability, ease of use and great flexibility. Both deliverers and recipients appreciate the 24/7 pick-up, drop-off and returns of parcels enabled by these smart lockers.

The KePol solution is a complete system of rugged locker hardware, intelligent front-end and server software as well as comprehensive service and support options. It allows postal and logistics companies to cut costs and maximize both, their delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.


A flexible & complete locker system

The KePol system includes many types of parcel lockers. All are modular - the capacity and the locker layout are easily adaptable to your needs. And you can combine them all in your locker network.

KePol FS-09 - the rugged outdoor parcel locker

KePol FS-09

The KePol FS-09 parcel locker system is for outdoor installations. Its modularity allows maxing out the available space conditions. The KePol FS-09 is rugged and weather-proof and can withstand all climates from -25 to +45 degrees Celsius. Its capacity can be expanded up to 39 modules in total.

KePol LS-01 - the flexible parcel locker system for indoors

KePol LS-01

The KePol LS-01 parcel locker system is for indoor installations. Its modularity allows maxing out the available space conditions. Furthermore, there are many options that enable comprehensive customizing to your needs. Its capacity can be expanded up to 39 modules in total.

KePol CL Series - the compact parcel locker

KePol CL series

The KePol CL is a compact parcel locker for indoors and outdoors that allows reducing the last mile to just a few meters. It is available as KePol CL-01 and as even more compact CL-02. Both can be expanded up to 9 modules and are weatherproof.They work from -25 to +35 degrees Celsius.

KePol eco series - the smart locker system

KePol eco series

Parcel lockers of the KePol FS-09, LS-01 and the CL-series are available also as eco models. Omitting the touchscreen as well as some options enables an even more attractive price-performance-ratio. Lockers of the KePol eco series are real smart lockers that are operated via the user's mobile phone.

Experience and knowledge make the difference

The numerous different projects and needs, the challenges and customers all over the world are the basis for KEBA's valuable wealth of experience. This unique know-how is one of the most important components that make our solution the most flexible and reliable on the market.

Only with KEBA, you will benefit from the consolidated expertise of the world market leader. Our immense range of knowledge, the valuable experience in handling a wide variety of customer projects and the unique quality contributes to the satisfaction of you and your customers.

Unique flexibility

  • KePol parcel lockers can be adapted easily to the given space and customized to your individual needs
  • Up to 39 modules with 600 boxes, installed in I-, L- or U-shaped layouts or even with gaps
  • Exchange, remove or add modules quickly and easily at any time

Safety integrated

  • Integrated safety and operating concept to protect users, operators, lockers and data
  • Innovative KePol Lock Secure safeguards children against being accidentally locked in a box while playing
  • Vandalism-proof: rugged steel construction, anti-graffiti coating, shatter-proof touchscreen glass

Convenient operation

  • Standards and norms such as disability acts are fulfilled
  • With the KePol Care software solution, physically disadvantaged persons can collect and send their parcels at an easily reachable height
  • Easy to use for all user groups

Best quality and availability

  • KePol parcel lockers are the benchmark for availability
  • Best quality and ruggedness guarantee smooth operation even under the harshest climatic conditions
  • KePol parcel lockers are long-lasting and rugged - their life-cycle is 10 years and more, their TCO is low

The pioneer in parcel locker business

Already in the year 2001, KEBA and Deutsche Post DHL piloted an automation solution for parcel deliveries on the first and last mile. As a result, today everyone is familiar with the so called "Packstation" - and not just in Germany. The DHL concept provides that every German citizen shall get to one of the meanwhile 7,000 German Packstation within 10 minutes.

This almost total coverage still is unmatched. Meanwhile, parcel lockers are becoming more and more popular in all countries around the world. KEBA was the pioneer in automating the first and last mile of parcel delivery. With over 15,000 KePol parcel lockers sold worldwide, KEBA still is the market leader in the premium quality segment.


Typical applications for KePol lockers



For big companies who want to strengthen customer loyalty and build up their own supply chain with their own parcel lockers

Post & logisticians

Post & logisticians

Automate the first & last mile of parcel delivery to get rid of failed delivery attempts and to offer 24/7 pick-up and drop-off



Additional business opportunities thanks to a 24/7 available Click & Collect system to handover items even off the shop hours

Your own business idea

Your own business idea

Contactless handover of goods, items, parcels, gifts, working materials, tools, office supplies, etc. around the clock

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