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    The KePol Software Suite 2019.2 is released


    The release highlights of the KePol Software Suite 2019.2 include a new software interface for modern smartphone operation, the possibility of quick, centralized screensaver updates via the KePol Server and support of the latest hardware generation.

    User-friendly parcel pick-up via smartphone
    A new software interface enables an even more convenient parcel pick-up for recipients by opening the relevant KePol boxes via customer app. The ability to do everything by smartphone eliminates the need to switch between smartphone and KePol touch screen user interfaces.

    Time-saving remote screensaver exchange
    Screensavers can be exchanged on all KePol parcel lockers quickly and easily at once via the KePol server. This is far more user-friendly and helps to save valuable time when updating the screensaver and to display seasonal information like Christmas greetings or advertisements for new promotions and offerings, etc.

    Support of the latest hardware generation
    The latest SD331 PC deployed in the KePol FS-08 and the KePol LS-01 is supported.

    Technical improvements
    Bug-fixes, further increase of system stability, optimization of system processes, …

    The release 2019.2 is available

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