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Branch structure and the bank branch of the future

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The banking industry has evolved steadily over the past decades. Two factors that have significantly shaped this change? Digitalisation and self-service. As technological developments have progressed, the traditional bank branch has transformed into a modern financial services centre offering a wide range of diverse services. But the transformation is far from complete. Digitalisation and self-service continue to change the way banking is done. That's why we asked ourselves: What will the bank branch of the future look like? In this article, we would like to shed light on this question from different angles and provide possible answers.

Different types of branches: Flagship branches, service branches and self-service branches

One development that is already clearly foreseeable and has already been partially implemented concerns the branch structure: the trend is clearly moving away from the holistic branch towards different branch types. Depending on the catchment area and the services primarily in demand there, three different types are emerging:

  • Flagship branches: In these exclusive branches, the entire range of services of a bank is offered. Similar to the flagship stores of well-known brands, customers can expect a unique experience here. The focus is on a full range of services and personal advice. Flagship branches are located exclusively in large cities with a wide catchment area.

  • Service branches: These branches focus on specific services and transactions. They often offer extended self-service facilities and cover smaller communities or rural areas. Personal consultations are usually possible, but only during certain opening hours or by prior appointment.

  • Self-service branches: Self-service branches rely entirely on automation and provide only ATMs and self-service terminals. Especially in remote, rural areas where there is little demand for advisory services, such self-service branches will gain in importance and replace the traditional bank branch.

In general, the bank branch of the future, regardless of size, will be characterized by an increasing degree of self-service. Technological innovations enable customers to carry out their banking transactions autonomously without having to rely on the presence of counter staff. Self-service terminals offer a wide range of transactions, from deposits and withdrawals to making transfers or printing out account statements. So it is already clear: self-service in bank branches is not a trend, but the future. We have already discussed in detail the advantages it brings in an earlier blog post.

Customer advice of the future: individual services via video advice

Despite the increasing focus on self-service, individual consultations will not be neglected in the bank branch of the future. With the help of video consulting solutions, personal interaction between customers and advisors will continue to be possible. For this purpose, special terminals are available, ideally in spatially separated areas. Customers can take advantage of advisory services provided by financial experts there.

Branch network of the future: efficiency through optimization

With increasing digitalisation and self-service, banks will re-evaluate and optimise their branch network. Locations can be adapted - depending on need and regional demand. This means that some branches may be closed or converted into self-service branches, while at the same time flagship branches in central locations will be expanded to meet the need for personal advice.

Design the bank branch of the future with KEBA

The bank branch of the future is characterized by a balance between self-service and digitalisation as well as the provision of individual and personal advisory services. On the one hand, there will be self-service branches and terminals that allow customers to conduct their banking business independently and flexibly. On the other hand, selected branches will be developed into exclusive flagships. There, customers will be able to take advantage of a comprehensive range of services. The challenge is to strike a balance between these two extremes. This requires not only a sensible evaluation of the existing branch network, but also a competent partner who supports the restructuring of the branches with his experience.

And this is exactly where we come in: The KEBA experts are at your side - now and in the future. With our products, we help you to optimise your branch structure. Regardless of the size or type of branch, our cash recyclers and terminals build the perfect bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Your plus: modern technologies, from intelligent self-healing to predictive maintenance, guarantee you maximum reliability. Let us plan and realize your bank branch of the future together!

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