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The Erste Bank and Sparkasse are now offering this service using the new outdoor cash recycler ATMs from KEBA, which naturally enough still allow money to be withdrawn. KEBA recently installed three outdoor ATMs with cash recycling function for the Sparkasse in Dornbirn and an outdoor cash recycler KePlus FT10 can also be found at the Erste Bank self-service branch in Wiener Neudorf (Vienna).

According to Thomas Schaufler, the Erste Bank board member with responsibility for retail clients: “We have thus created a possibility to offer our customers even more flexible cash depositing at differing locations irrespective of the premises.” Initial experience is currently being gathered in Wiener Neudorf and should the new service be met with positive client feedback, the recyclers could prove to be an interesting alternative to standard ATMs at a number of locations.

To date, KEBA’s focus was only on differing installation variations in bank foyer interiors. However, with the latest ATMs it will be immediately possible to not only withdraw cash outdoors, but also place deposits. The Erste Bank and Sparkasse were already involved during the development phase of the new KePlus Cash-Recycler and delivered valuable inputs in the course of the creation of this next machine generation. Gerhard Luftensteiner, the KEBA CEO, describes the past and future cooperation as follows: “Owing to the integration of our clients into the product design process, in the case of the new “evo” cash product series, the influence of customer and user needs is greater than ever before. We are delighted by the fact that Austrian Sparkasse and Erste Bank have also given us their confidence with regard to the latest product generation.”

Swiss francs in, euros out

As an additional service, the Dornbirn Sparkasse offers its customers foreign exchange recycling via the new KEBA KePlus outdoor ATM. This means that in the catchment area near to the Austro-Swiss border, automatic exchanges between euros and francs can be completed with ease. According to Werner Böhler, the Dornbirn Sparkasse CEO: “This is a major issue in our region because many people commute to Switzerland. With this solution we can now offer them a still more flexible service.”

In mid-April, the installed base of evo ATMs at Erste Bank and Sparkassen is already more than 100 cash recyclers, including numerous indoor and now also first outdoor machines.

Martin Schwarz, sales manager KEBA with Peter Michael Seitz, Channel management self-service, branch conception, infrastructure and retail, Erste Bank

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