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Electromobility is swiftly becoming a mass phenomenon. And so, the need for information on the subject of charging is also growing. As one of the leading manufacturers of charging solutions, we are happy to pass our knowledge on directly, by way of video clips – on our very own YouTube channel.

Greater visibility with our own channel

More and more people get their information about relevant topics from YouTube, the world’s largest video platform. How to tile a wall? How to make fluffy pancakes? Or: Why do I need a wallbox? To communicate what we’re about, we at KEBA have spent a lot of time in front of the camera talking about electromobility, charging infrastructure, and our products in recent years. Thus far, these videos have only been published on the YouTube channel of KEBA Group, where they’ve been part of a very diverse program.

In order to cater to the growing interest in the subject by those who plan to acquire an electric car or have already ordered one, we’ve decided to launch our very own KEBA eMobility YouTube channel. This thematic focus makes it easier for everyone to get information directly from us. And it makes our content and products even more visible.

All things electromobility

On our YouTube channel, however, we’ll be talking about much more than our many products. We’ll shine a light on the vast subject of electromobility, including everything it entails. We’ll provide answers to simple questions about battery sizes and charging time. We’ll discuss complex issues such as excess PV charging, and we’ll tell you how to get your own charging station and what to keep in mind when doing so. The video series eMobility eXplained – EMEX for short – launched earlier this year and provides compact, clear information about various subjects. These videos will be hosted by KEBA employees sharing their company expertise with you, the viewer. Other formats will be added to the series in the future.

Many interesting videos are waiting for you

to the Youtube channel

Information against reservations

Along with our technological solutions, these contents and our channel are our way of making an important contribution to a swift transition from fossil mobility to electromobility. The YouTube channel allows us to address and directly counteract any reservations consumers may have as well as to show what the latest technology is capable of, thus demonstrating the merits of our products.

Have we piqued your interest? Then click here to visit our KEBA eMobility YouTube channel. Don’t miss a single video – be sure to click the subscribe button now!

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