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How wallboxes learn to communicate and negotiate with vehicles: ISO 15118

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ISO 15118 is a rather clunky term. But it defines something that makes charging your electric vehicle not complicated but much easier. ISO 15118 is the international standard for communication between electric vehicle and wallbox that allows you to charge without a charge card, among other things.

Plug & Charge – the benefits of ISO 15118

ISO 15118 is the central element that makes charging electric vehicles smarter, more efficient, and easier. It sets the standard for and improves the communication between wallbox and electric car, which makes charging more convenient. It is chiefly the Plug & Charge function that renders additional authentication before each charging session obsolete. As the charging station recognizes whether or not a vehicle is authorized to charge there, charge cards or activation codes are becoming a thing of the past.

What is an ISO 15118-compliant wallbox able to do?

The first KEBA wallboxes prepared for ISO 15118 are already running successfully in the field and an entire portfolio of charging stations whose hardware will feature a power line communication (PLC) modem will soon be available. We are thus expanding the communication capabilities of our wallboxes, preparing for new, future functions — such as bidirectional charging — and making our products even more ready for the future and even easier to use. In the next step, Plug & Charge will be a software functionality from which all owners of an ISO 15118-compliant KEBA charging station can benefit if their electric vehicle also has the corresponding functionality. As in the past, new functions will continuously be made available through free software updates.

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