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Customizing parcel stations - the KEBA way

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The demand for customized products and services is growing steadily - and does not stop at parcel lockers. The spectrum of offerings ranges from standardized to project-specific and individual parcel stations. While standard solutions are usually more cost-effective but do not take into account individual wishes or ideas, customers have to factor in higher financial outlay for project-specific parcel stations. In return, they receive a solution that is completely tailored to their requirements in terms of housing and software. At KEBA, we have opted for a middle ground. This allows us to fall back on proven standards and at the same time make customer-specific adjustments. We combine the advantages of both worlds: Customers receive customized solutions that meet high quality standards at low cost.

Manfred Waldl, product manager at KEBA, in an interview

In an interview with Manfred Waldl, Product Manager at KEBA, we learned more about this approach and its advantages.

Why did KEBA decide on the middle way?
"This is clearly in KEBA's DNA. We place the requirement on ourselves to respond individually to the wishes of our customers. The middle way allows us to maintain proven standards while at the same time being able to make customer-specific adaptations."

What are the benefits of customizing and why do many customers choose it?
"Our customers want customized solutions where they don't have to compromise on hardware and software. In addition, all end-customers are unique. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the solution covers all needs and requirements in the best possible way."

What are the disadvantages or what needs to be considered?
"In the case of individually planned and produced parcel stations, the components and solutions have often not yet been tested or have only been tested briefly. Under certain circumstances, this can mean that only limited use can be made of empirical values. This leads to higher prices, both for hardware components and for software. In the area of software, individualizations have an impact on the rolling out of updates. Typically, standard software is continuously developed and improved. After that, custom solutions are updated."

What customizing options are available for KEBA parcel stations?
"With KEBA parcel stations, customization is possible at both the hardware and software levels. For the housing,

  • Colors,

  • Box mix and

  • other elements such as lighting, roof or camera surveillance

can be individualized.

One example of a tailor-made solution is an ÖPAG parcel station. The parcel station is free-standing, so it was important to design a visually appealing rear side.

In another application, we were faced with the challenge of designing modules for longer and bulky goods for a building center chain. It was important that the doors had a certain stability and could not be broken open despite their size. The doors were also fitted with handles:

In the software, many individualization options are available for the user interface (e.g. language, size and position of the buttons, and color and appearance of the on-screen keyboard). In addition, individual processes can be individualized:

  • Delivery and collection process

  • Inventory and cleaning messages

  • Purchase of parcel stamps

  • Shipping label printing

In addition, services related to the parcel station can also be customized to each customer. For example, our customers can select from a broad service portfolio those services that best meet their requirements. This portfolio covers the entire lifecycle from roll-out to operation and server hosting to dismantling of the parcel station."

What additional costs does the building block principle cause?
"This cannot be quantified exactly, as the additional costs vary for each customizing project. Among other things, they depend on the extent of the customization."

Are retrofits of components also possible in customizing projects?
"Hardware components are always compatible with us and can be retrofitted at any time if required. Individualized software solutions are also provided with updates. However, as already mentioned, it should be taken into account that updates for custom solutions may be available with a slight time delay, as updates for standard software are always rolled out first."

Does customizing affect warranty and guarantee?
"No, customizing has no impact on warranty or guarantee. Our customers can rest assured that they will continue to enjoy full protection."

Picture of our interview partner Manfred Waldl, product manager at KEBA

Our interview partner: Manfred Waldl, Product Manager at KEBA

Our modular principle makes everything possible

No matter what your requirements are, KEBA parcel stations will meet them all. With a wide range of customization options, we can produce parcel stations that are perfectly tailored to your wishes and the requirements of your end-customers. If you are looking for a customized solution, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to implementing your customizing project!

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