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Improving the proven for the future.

KePlus R6se

The highly available cash recycling ATM with security and efficiency plus

Deposit banknotes

Withdraw banknotes

Recycle bank notes

Bill payment

Proven cash recycling ATM


Complete bank transactions efficiently

The KePlus R6se combines banknote deposit and withdrawal in a closed cash cycle, bill payment and information applications in one device and convinces with its integrated security concept and further developments with regard to machine efficiency and extraordinary reliability thanks to its proven base components.

The advantage of security and efficiency

With the KePlus R6se, KEBA has integrated the se concept for the first time for maximum security and efficiency - with the complete system reliability you are used to, as well as backwards and forwards compatibility of individual components.

The advantages at a glance

Maximum availability

Proven base technology

Increased efficiency due to a more sophisticated banknote validator

Maximum customer satisfaction

High transaction speeds

Easy, intuitive use and comfortable ergonomics

Maximum security due to integrated safety concept

Minimum cash handling

Flexible cash cassette configuration

Cost-effective deposit and withdrawal in both small and large branches by reducing capital costs and CIT costs

High customer satisfaction

High stability due to sophisticated, proven technical components

Fourth-generation of cassette-based cash recycling ATMs by KEBA


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