Charge the company car at home

Thanks to direct billing to the employer

No effort. With full cost control.

Private charging current automatically billed to the employer

More and more companies are opting for fully electric company cars or plug-in hybrid company cars for their employees. Of course, these are then left at the driver's home overnight and are usually charged during this time - with private electricity.
One way to charge the employer for the charging current would be to have a separate electricity meter just for the company car. However, this increases the initial investment and also entails ongoing costs for your own basic fee. The KEBA solution, consisting of a connected wallbox with a calibrated meter and software that automatically sends the consumption data to the employer every month, is a smarter solution.

All KeContact P40 Pro charging stations are equipped with a calibrated energy meter (ME / MID). This is the legal requirement for charging current to be passed on.
As these wallboxes are web-enabled thanks to LAN, WLAN and optionally even LTE, the charging data can be transmitted to KEBA's own servers. As a user, you can then easily access this data via the KEBA eMobility Portal. And with the Automatic charging report function, a monthly list of charging sessions and the total kilowatt hours can be sent to a stored e-mail address, e.g. directly to the employer's payroll accounting system.

Ensures cost transparency

Ensures cost transparency

Clean separation of charging and domestic current

Reduces investments

Reduces investments

Makes own electricity meter with running costs obsolete

Avoids administrative effort

Avoids administrative effort

Automatically sends monthly list with kWh total

Fulfils legal requirements

Fulfils legal requirements

With calibrated electricity meter (ME / MID) as standard

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