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Charge easily and safely with up to 22kW

KeContact P30

Charging station for the fastest charging of electric vehicles

We know how important it is that your electric vehicle is charged safely and efficiently. Our wallbox has been successfully tested with all available electric vehicles and loads quickly, easily and reliably. Whether its the BMW i3, smart fortwo electric drive, Renault ZOE or Tesla Model S - your electric vehicle is charged in the shortest amount of time possible and always achieves the maximum range.

Use Cases

More than just charging - with our KeContact P30 charging station, you can realize different applications:



With KeContact P30, your electric vehicle can be fully-charged as quick as possible and therefore achieves the maximum range. Charging is extremely simple and reliable and is possible for all electric vehicles. To do this, you only need to select a suitable product variant.

Optimization of your own consumption in the smart home

KeContact P30 is ideally equipped for the smart home of the future. Your wallbox can be controlled easily and status information can be retrieved via user data protocol (UDP) or Modbus TCP. For example, the maximum permissible amount of electrical charge for your electric vehicle can be regulated based on a photovoltaic system, battery storage unit or heat pump.

Billing of company vehicles

If you have a company vehicle, you can bill the company or the leasing company for energy charged at home thanks to the integrated meter.

User authorization

Your wallbox also offers different options for identification and authorization. If you live in an apartment building, it makes sense to equip your wallbox with a key switch or a contactless card (RFID) for authorization so that only authorized persons can use the charging station.

Protection against overloading of your homes electrical connections

Meter data from your own meter that is on the house connection can be read using the Modbus TCP protocol. The wallbox can therefore control the charge power of the electric vehicle depending on the current consumption.


Gerhard Wimmer on safe charging in private areas

Gerhard Wimmer, responsible for sales in Austria, Bavaria and Switzerland, explains the importance of having a charging station at home in this short video. 

To ensure your safety while charging, it is very important to always charge your electric vehicle using a dedicated charging station rather than a standard domestic socket. As an added benefit, the KeContact P30 charging station offers easy smart home integration. With smart home integration you can charge your electric vehicle using power generated from your home PV system or have the vehicle charged depending on other energy consumers in your home.

Your advantages at a glance

Flexible with maximum investment protection

Our products are regularly tested in the KEBA internal test lab with the latest electric vehicles. The insights gained from these tests as well as possible changes in the standards landscape flow directly into our firmware updates and future developments. This offers you flexibility and investment protection.

Easy to install and operate

Our wallbox is skillfully, properly and safely installed by a specialist (e.g. electrician) and put into operation. With our "easy to use" claim, we always orientate ourselves to your requirements and make operation easy and intuitive for you.

Modern design

With its modern, appealing design, KeContact P30 is perfectly suited for indoors and outdoors such as in house or garage walls or in carports. If you do not want to install the charging station in the wall, there is a vertical column made from stainless steel.

Reliable and highly available

KeContact P30 withstands the harshest weather conditions and is suitable for outdoors - even at minus 25°C. Our wallbox has a high degree of availability thanks to numerous safety features - this ensures that your electric vehicle is charged as quickly as possible.

Do you require help?

In the event of failure or if servicing is needed, please contact your dealer.

In our download area you will find user manuals, safety instructions and technical data to download. Furthermore, we have combined the most important questions about our power charging station for you under FAQs.

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