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101 charging points for Swedish residential complex

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Making a large residential building fit for the mobility of the future - that was the goal of the owners of a residential complex in Gävle, Sweden. For this reason, all 101 vehicle parking spaces were equipped with charging stations in 2022. A powerful and smart charging management solution was needed so that, even when fully occupied, everyone could charge at the same time and the investment would still be minimal. Our M20 in combination with our KeContact P30 c-series wallboxes met all expectations.

Convincing with charging management expertise

KEBA was actually not in the running for the best charging solution and another provider had already been selected. However, this changed abruptly when the installation company El & Proptech became aware of our products at the eCarExpo in Stockholm in May 2022. They realised that smart load management could save investments in the materials and labor of upgrading house electric systems. Our expertise convinced them as well as our cooperation partner Nordic Propeye (a company specializing in energy-efficient building optimization) - and the enormous savings convinced the owners. The result was that we were awarded the contract.

Cost-effective and simple installation

In October 2022, the 101 KEBA c-series wall boxes and the M20 charge management controller arrived in Gävle. Installation partner El & Proptech then mounted the wallboxes so that two charging stations are mounted on one pedestal (daisy chain). This resulted in a significant reduction of cable needed and installation time compared to a mounting a single charger per pedestal. In addition, each pedestal was prefabricated by KEBA and already contained the necessary residual current circuit breakers (RCCB), switches and terminals for the power supply of the two wallboxes in each case. This made wiring easier. The web interface was used to configure 10 separate load management clusters, each with its own load parameters. Up to 15 such clusters are possible with our M20. Moreover, this can be controlled not only via LAN cable, but also via 4G/LTE.

Dynamic & smart load management for up to 200 wallboxes


The advantages of the charging management solution from KEBA

By consistently measuring the power consumption in the building and dynamically controling the charging currents based on this, numerous electric vehicles (EVs) can be charged even without increasing the building’s power connection. The implementation of phase-dependent charging enables the release of additional capacity. This control technology reduces investment costs whilst ensuring the usability of the vehicles is not compromised. In addition, this efficient use of existing infrastructure and the increased use of surplus nighttime electricity relieves the burden on grid operators.

101 wallboxes in 2 weeks

Due to the meticulous planning and well-designed solutions, the 101 wallboxes were installed and put into operation in just 11 days (at the same time, more than 100 user-specific RFID cards were also created). This not only gave the owners and residents early access to the charging stations, but also led to a significant reduction in costs: 40% savings on materials and as much as 60% on installation costs.

In short, thanks to our leading-edge charging management products, we have found a new and innovative installation partner in Sweden and together we have delivered a major project that satisfied all stakeholders.

"The load management solution from KEBA was exactly what we were looking for. The M20 in 10 different clusters with 101 charging stations works perfectly and without any problems. The installation went smoothly and the integration with our system from Nordic Propeye worked perfectly."

Christer Svensson, Vice President Nordic Propeye
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