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    KeTop - Operation and Monitoring

    Smart HMI solutions for machine tools

    ... that are sure to impress

    The future of your machine tool HMI starts now

    Greater differentiation of your machine with new, tailor-made visualization

    Standalone, customized visualization highlights your machine tool's unique strengths and improves its usability. The KeStudio View configuration software makes it possible to create a visualization application on top of NC visualization, no matter what control system you are using.

    Why should you switch to a new HMI?

    The advancement of CAD/CAM integration is further pushing workshop programming for the production of serial parts into the background. With that, the keyboards and special buttons for the creation of NC programs on the HMI of the machine tool are also unnecessary. Using our unique RealTime Multitouch and the associated RealTime Widgets, axis movements are safely and directly translated into machine movements via multitouch.


    The operator takes center stage

    User-orientated user interfaces by means of innovative technologies

    The operator is in direct contact with your machine via the HMI. It is at this critical interface that your machine may or may not be perceived as intuitive, high-performance, and well-designed. Together with you, our usability experts will swiftly develop the new user interface for your machine. User-orientated interfaces are created with the help of user-centered designs.

    New technologies, such as realtime-capable multitouch, haptic feedback, and the fully-adaptive KeWheel make entirely new operating concepts possible. Using these promising technologies, unexpected innovation potential will be realized on your machine, regardless of which NC control you use.


    from a single source


    KEBA - your partner for individualized
    modern and intuitive solutions

    Challenges in the field of visualization are extensive. Ergonomics and an intuitive user interface are key factors for efficient operation and monitoring. At KEBA, you will find the right operation solution for every application as a complete package without additional investment.

    KeTop provides high-performance, application-optimized hardware and software which ensure future reliability. Step-by-step customizing and comprehensive consultation in all questions having to do with visualization allow for maximum differentiation of your HMI solution.


    Customizable complete solutions for all visualization


    Perfect adaptation to any application

    The powerful Multitouch operating panel in sizes 15.6"- 24" can be mounted on standardized or machine-specific support arm and pedestal systems. The panel, which is fully IP65-protected, can be equipped with optional components such as EKS modules, enabling switches, external USB, or Ethernet sockets.


    Everything for a new human-machine interaction

    Ergonomics and an intuitive user interface are key factors for efficient operation and monitoring. In order to increase efficiency and optimally reduce errors during operation, a given process requires a perfectly matched user interface. This requires hardware that is optimized for the industrial environment and software that can be easily adapted in a process and user-dependent way.

    The highest quality and the best support

    The best support in every phase of a project

    Understanding the markets, processes and requirements of our customers is the prerequisite for a successful and long-lasting partnership. This ranges from the initial consultation on system design to installation and series production support.

    **High quality and best performance **

    The sturdy products are perfectly designed for use in industrial environments. High-quality materials and processing complement the well-designed solutions for every situation.


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