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Professional support during drive dimensioning

The specialists from KEBA can advise and assist you with any questions having to do with drive dimensioning. Minimize your risk and engineering costs by taking advantage of the expertise of KEBA.

Optimal dimensioning of multi-axis systems.
With multi-axis systems in particular, the drive devices can be designed to have smaller dimensions.

This is dependent on the driving profiles of the individual drive axes through the energy compensation on the common DC link.

The necessary supply power can be determined quickly and accurately with our design tools. This can prevent a huge amount of dimensioning effort and susceptibility to errors.

Professional support


support during drive dimensioning

Maximum Performance


performance with low investment

Minimization of development expenses and risk


of development expenses and risk

Optimal Dimensioning of multi-axis systems


dimensioning of multi-axis systems


Your benefits

Tailor-made motors

Motors with various requirements on size, design, torque and performance are necessary to implement the designed construction. This is why KEBA offers an extensive selection of compact synchronous motors. Of course, coils, housing and bearings can be adapted to fit the individual needs of the customer.

Maximum performance with minimum investment

Thanks to the mechatronics system approach, all components of the drive train can be optimally dimensioned. You operate your machine with maximum efficiency, thereby reducing purchasing and energy costs.


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