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    Another high-growth business year for KEBA

    With a sales increase of €70 million and sales growth of 23% in revenue, the KEBA Group has once again achieved the highest revenues in its history and looks back on a successful decade.

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    KEBA produces and is available to its customers without restrictions

    Many committed employees take care of the production of the ordered deliveries, our service technicians ensure functioning systems in the area of critical infrastructure and our more than 500 employees in the home office maintain the dialogue with our customers, partners and suppliers thanks to the latest technology.

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    Optimized manual angle control reduces the process time

    The reduction of process times is the goal of every process optimization. To get one step closer to this goal, sheet metal bending companies are now able to reduce the duration of manual random inspections. KEBA has developed an angle measuring system that, due to its contactless measuring method, considerably simplifies the manual checking of bent angles.

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    An innovative company relies on an innovative solution

    The German agricultural machinery manufacturer RAUCH recently started using automatic angle measuring instruments from the Austrian industrial automation expert KEBA to produce sheet metal parts. The internationally renowned agricultural engineering company particularly appreciates the flexibility that this innovative device provides.

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