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    Individualized Cash Recycler of the evo series

    The pioneer in cash recycling

    Standard in self-service banking
    KEBA presented its initial ideas about cash recycling at CeBIT back in 1992 in order to convince customers that there was a considerable amount of potential in not only relocating standard business transactions in self-service zones but also closing the cash-cycle in the self-service ATMs themselves. Today, cash recycling is standard in self-service banking and our customers benefit from many years of experience and our know-how in this complex technology - after all, KEBAs deposit and withdrawal ATM was the first device to receive recycling approval including article 6 fulfillment from the German Federal Bank.

    Cash recycling in a new dimension
    KEBA has made another leap forward with the evo series and the further development of the cash recycling module. It was developed together with Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions during the course of so-called "co-creation".

    The proven type 5 validator was retained, and the cash slot has been optimized. The new "UR2A" module provides improved banknote transportation routes and makes it possible to recycle up to eight denominations with just four dual recycling cassettes. KEBA is the pioneer in this technology in Europe.

    Investment protection included

    Increasing costs and lower interest rates are among the biggest challenges in the banking world. It is, therefore, all the more important that banks and savings banks invest in products which will also last for a long time. A cash recycling ATM is such an investment in the future.

    The cash recycling ATMs from KEBA are in the field for 10 years or more and provide you with the possibility to retrofit functions and features easily that you perhaps do not yet consider necessary. You are therefore buying a piece of a guaranteed future and investment protection with KEBA.

    State-of-the-art technology

    Increased cost-efficiency

    Our products set the benchmark regarding availability which directly affects the economic efficiency in your branches. An average availability of more than 98% with cash recyclers can only be achieved with outstanding technology and a lot of experience and expertise.

    Increased customer loyalty

    With the self-service devices from KEBA, you are up-to-date with the technology and can cover all current and future functions in self-service. Modern devices also attract customers who appreciate simple and intuitive operation to your branches.

    Cash-Recyclers KePlus R10 und KePlus FX10 of the evo series, frontal

    Why it is worth investing in cash recycling

    Investment in a cash recycling ATM pays off quicker than you think. This is due to low maintenance costs, a closed cash cycle, longer refilling intervals, low cash handling costs and general savings by the automation of transactions. But did you also know that improved user experience and higher availability of devices is crucial for economic efficiency?

    More efficiency in your branches

    We would like to support you in optimizing the processes in your branches. With KEBA self-service devices, you are on the safe side!

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    Relocation of transactions

    Relocating time-consuming and cost-intensive standard transactions into the self-service area takes the pressure off your employees and frees them up for sales activities. This optimizes processes and lowers costs.

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    KEBA self-service devices are always multifunctional, easy to upgrade and flexible in use. This ensures that efficiency in your branches increases and saves you even more money by bundling functions into one device.

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    Self-service quota

    We are at your side in an advisory capacity with our experience in branch optimization when it is a matter of increasing the self-service quota in branches. Our high-availability devices, which are easy to operate by any user, play an important role in this.

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    "Easy-to-use” is more than a buzzword for KEBA. Everything we do, is aimed at manufacturing products that are simple for everyone, who comes into contact with them, i.e. simple to install, operate, maintain and service.


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