Whether in a shopping mall or a medical center: Third-party locations bring the bank's brand and its services to where the customers are. To better serve its customers, the Sparkasse Gengenbach savings bank in Baden-Württemberg has KEBA cash recycling systems in two Edeka supermarkets.
Sparkasse Gengenbach has had an ATM in the Edeka market for a long time now

It allowed customers to withdraw cash while shopping in the supermarket. When the management of Edeka planned on opening another store, they contacted the savings bank, which happens to be the house bank of the company.

Mr. Moser, Head of the Organization Department, spoke to IM TREND about the history of this collaboration and the benefits gained for everyone involved.

Mr. Moser, what made you decide on a cash recycler for the second Edeka supermarket?
We had been talking to Mr. Schneider, owner and CEO of the Edeka supermarket chain, about a cash recycling system for a long time. We already had a cash dispenser available in the existing market. In our discussions and also when shopping privately, a recycler was a recurring topic. We operated a store in the district where the second Edeka was going to be built. The store was slated to be closed regardless of our considerations. To allow our customers to continue carrying out their usual transactions at a branch location, the idea of using cash recycling systems became very interesting.

Which factors were particularly important for you here?
To determine the suitability of a recycler, we analyzed the deposit volumes of both markets. We also observed the transactions at the nearby branch. The results spoke very clearly in favor of a cash recycler.
Our management board then opted to install a cash recycling system in both the new and existing Edeka stores. The ATM located there could not be updated to Windows 10 and therefore needed to be replaced. As a bank, that does cash replenishment itself, we find it important that the cash cycle, i.e. the relationship between deposits and withdrawals, runs smoothly at a third-party location.
The Edeka stores deposit their cash in the cash recyclers and fill it up for customers who want to make a cash withdrawal. The reliability of the self-service systems and their acceptance among our customers are also key factors for us. We were already convinced of both - the KEBA systems are very reliable and user-friendly.

When planning for the new Edeka store began, you were involved at an early stage. What effect did that have?
Mr. Schneider quickly brought us on board. It was great for us since we were allowed to choose the place for our systems. The ATM stands prominently next to the door and is installed in a frame through the wall in the store manager's office. This had a pleasant side effect in that most of the insurance requirements such as door peepholes or alarm technology were already covered by the store and additional costs were avoided. In consultation with Edeka management, we specified in the rental agreement that the area in front of the ATM is to remain free of goods and display stands.

How do your customers feel about the cash recyclers? What feedback can you share with us?
We often hear praise about the faster transaction speed, which is especially beneficial in such a busy area. Customers also say they enjoy the large touchscreen. For our private customers we offer the same service from the former branch store. As a result, they were not bothered when the store closed. It also saves them the extra trip to the ATM. For our commercial customer, the operator of the Edeka stores, cash deposits are now much more pleasant. Mr. Schneider can automatically deposit cash within his own four walls, so to speak, and no longer needs to drive to an ATM.

Cash recyclers also increase customer loyalty to

Patrick Schneider is the Junior Manager of the Edeka Markets Schneider in Gengenbach. As a commercial customer, he mainly uses the two evo cash recyclers to deposit the daily cash receipts from both markets.

“Clearly it is very practical to deposit the cash directly at the local Edeka stores. There is no need to go to the main branch as the notes are safely stored away in the ATM,” says Mr. Schneider. Yet self-service systems are not only beneficial for supermarket managers. Customers can take care of most of their daily needs in one place and are thus happy to come back to the two stores. The selfservice systems also increase customer loyalty to the Edeka brand.

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